Gisting Akureyri

House rules and conditions of the apartments

The apartments are rented with furniture, kitchen equipment and other small things. Duvets and pillows are available in the apartments and you can rent the bedding of the manager for 1500 kr. per person.

The tenant is responsible for the apartment and all its equipment during the lease period and is obligated to pay for damages that may occur due to him or those who stay at his apartment on behalf of the rental period.

The tenant must treat the property and its surroundings with respect and leave the apartment as it is received with all the cleaning.

The tenant must ensure that peace and quiet is after 11 pm and shall not cause disturbance to neighbors with noise outside.

The tenant must respect the rules that apply in the day of departing the property must be available no later than 1 pm: arrival in the apartment is 4 pm or so at the beginning of the vacation. But not later than 11 pm.

The tenant must notify if something fails or is damaged during the stay.

All parties are strictly forbidden. . Please Respect that. Violation of this rule may result in expulsion from the apartment.

Some housing is allowed to have pets. Please contact the manager for information.

It is forbidden to re-rent the apartment.

Please note that smoking is strictly forbidden in apartments and those who smoke, please go outside and close the door behind them and have an ashtray of some sort.

The lessee shall be at least 25 years old. Note! There are exceptions to this age rule if families with children want to rent.

Leaving apartments

Please note the following before you leave the apartment:
Wash all floors of the apartment.
Clean all dishes, glasses and cutlery.
Wipe off the shelves, tables, and windowpanes.
Clean bathroom well, toilet, sink and shower / bath.
Ensure that everything is in place.
Take off the linens where linens have been rented for the apartment.
If treatment of the apartment is inadequate in the opinion of the manager, he can reserve the right to charge additional or apply other penalties!
You can buy a cleaning service. Please let us know in advance if you want to use that service.

Thank you for your cooperation.